My name is Roland Höft, I am a freelance artist and a professional Sculptor. Between the years 1995 – 2006 I work figurative sculptures, since 2007 I change to abstract forms. My theme, is the line in space. I describe my sculptures as LINES three-dimensional space sketches. Within this theme LINE, there are currently five main concepts. The INTUITIVE LINES, the ENDLESS forms, the SPACE KNOTS, SENSITIVE BALANCE and the DEFORMS.

The INTUITIVE LINES – are free works, that adapt to the existing material.
The center of this sculptures belongs to the the viewer and the environment.
A space skeleton sketches the outline of matter and antimatter.

The ENDLESS – forms are lines that moves without beginning or end in the space. A continuous cycle, that defines the sculpture.The end is the beginning, the beginning is the end. The infinity, the unknown, the fear and the confidence.

SPACE KNOTS – 2013 I discovered the topic knot for me. After several
studies and sketches I decided to create architectural space knots in the styles of LINES concept. Compared with the other LINES projects, is the center of this sculptures is not empty. The observer should try to unknot the sculpture in his mind, und try to understand. It ́s a place for bundling the energy.

SENSITIVE BALANCE – since 2016 the quarter circles are a creative form for
my artistic Theme. I use the powerful movement of the circle and balances my
work on one point, to create a dynamic environment sculpture with a sensitive balance.

DEFORM – is another project. I also work with a space skeleton, but here the center is still there. The space skeleton holds or bends the soul of the stone and form or deform it. A form with a strong power and humanity.


Lines - space sketches

2007 the first LINES sculpture was created as part of the international symposium Oskar Kokoschka in Poechlarn, Austria. The WALKING LINES. The sculpture made of Wachau marble, was awarded the Honorary Prize.