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Welcome to Höft Art Studio

” is an archaic material, it is rigid and solid, but it is full of life and emotion – you just have to carve this out.”


At the moment you can find me in my studio NEUES TOR at Sauerstraße 17 in Lemgo. The new concepts and designs for 2023 are being created. Preparations are also underway for my sculpture project WIND SQUALL, which I will be realising in Canada in January at the international sculpture event sculptures de Saint-Georges

bending instead of breaking

I’m currently working on the topic of “bending instead of breaking”. I translated the property of deforming metal into stone sculptures. The diversity of life and the resulting processes of change are the main theme of this work. My sculptures are created in a formal language of material contradiction. The perceptual patterns of viewing are broken and rearranged. A new shape tolerance arises.

bending instead of breaking -klick here-


Reality vs. Illusion - Venice Biennale 2017

I prefer the  Sculpture opposite to the Plastic.  Both three-dimensional objects may be abstract or realistic. The plastic is created in an additive process. This means that it is formed, applied or made up of certain materials. A sculpture is carved out of an existing material. Material is removed, instead of added. This working process of the sculpture is liberating and exciting. I prefer this finality requires, of a clear focus on spatial thinking and working.