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Welcome to the Atelier Hoeft



” a archaic material, rigid and strong,

but full of life and emotion,

 you just have to work it out “

Biennale Venice 2017
I am selected for the exhibition “PERSONAL STRUCTURES” at the Venice Biennale 2017 (May 13 – November 26, 2017). The curatorial team of the GAA Foundation coordinates and plans this exhibition for the European Culture Center. My sculpture “SPACE KNOT” (1,2m x 1,0m x 1,0 m – Belgian granite – 1,2t) will be in the context of the exhibition as a contemporary sculpture in the Marinaressa Sculpture park. A download of the new biennial plan, with the identification of my Exhibition space is available here as a download.

Space Knot – Reality vs illusion

The sculpture’s grade of complexity and abstraction requires time, space and involvement on the observer’s side. Thus an individual process of communication with the inconsistency of material and form can develop: SPACE KNOT.

Since 2013 the I have been occupied with knots as a topic of my work. Invariably, as a logical consequence of my works’ development, first studies and sketches finally lead to the architectonic SPACE KNOT.

As my former works give equal importance to the sculpture a well as to its surrounding space, the SPACE KNOT dominates its surroundings.

The SPACE KNOT was created in 2015 in the Belgian city of Soignies at the „Rencontres Internationales De Sculpture Monumentale“, during the Belgian city of Mons being the European Capital of Culture 2015.
The SPACE KNOT consists of a single block of marble.

material- Belgian Bluestone size- 0,9 m x 1,2 m x 1,2 m weight- 1,2 t

Sculpture - Plastic
I prefer the  Sculpture opposite to the Plastic.  Both three-dimensional objects may be abstract or realistic. The plastic is created in an additive process. This means that it is formed, applied or made up of certain materials. A sculpture is carved out of an existing material. Material is removed, instead of added. This working process of the sculpture is liberating and exciting. I prefer this finality requires, of a clear focus on spatial thinking and working.