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International Sculptor Symposium Hohenfelden 2022

My sculpture “inner circle” is finished ;-)) After 13 hard days of work, loads of dust, sun, rain and wind it is done. Transforming a 5,8 t jura marble into a 2 t sculpture, was hard work. Yeah, Hohenfelden 2022 – thanks for the great

Madinaty International Sculpture Symposium Egypt 2022

It was a beautiful time in Madinaty (New Cairo), where I could implement my design from the exhibition concept ” the architectural form of memory”. The 8 tons of marble from Turkey kept its external dimensions, but was reduced in weight by more than half.

DIVERSITY – sculpture concept 2021 – Carrara marble

In 2020 I have been working on the project “biegen statt brechen” (“bending instead of breaking”). I have dealt with this topic with the help of sketches, material studies, photomontages and models. In 2021 I now implemented one of these designs in a large-scale sculpture

2021 international certificate of ISSA

On the 3rd of March 2023 the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA) sent me a certificate for sculptures I have made in 10 different countries. A great pleasure and honor to be selected for this certificate. I hope that art projects and travel to other

International Sculpture Symposium Hurgada 2020 – Egypt

From February 6th to 21st I was invited to the international Egypt Sculpture Symposium Hurgada 2020, to realize my sculpture “Stargate”. Under the organization of Ostraka Arts (Mohamed Hemida) and the great support of the Steigenberger ALDAU Resort, we artists had optimal conditions to work